The Gentle Warrior SG is about believing in causes and making things happen. It is about giving respect and a decent life to fellow human beings. It is driven by the passion of one woman who has fought many causes and won. A warrior who speaks with a loud voice followed by strong action. The Gentle Warrior SG will not flinch form speaking out and breaking down the walls of injustice, prejudice, and stupidity in Singapore and bringing it back to Paradise.


Coffee and whiskey are the beverages that start and end the Warrior's day. Whiskey on the rocks, and coffee ...  more


Warriors fight battles. The Gentle Warriors' battles are causes she believes in. To help people in trouble who cannot ...  more


Inspiring anecdotes of people who have been able to lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty, prejudice and abuse. Many are ...  more


Do you know of a cause worth fighting for? Do you want to see a change for the better? Is there an injustice you ...  more

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BY Ivy Singh-Lim /  01 Dec 2016

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The Gentle Warrior, Ivy Singh-Lim

Ivy Singh-Lim was born on the 26th of March 1949. Her father built temples but sent her to a Christian convent.

She lived her early adulthood to the fullest and could hold her whiskey with any man. At 33, she met her muse and got married within 3 days! She and her life partner now work the land on her farm, Bollywood Veggies, in the Kranji countryside. To her, nurturing the barren land and bringing it to life is similar to lifting broken spirits and healing them. She set up the Gentle Warriors' Trust to support and strengthen women - and some men - become gentle but warrior- spirited human beings.

Holding back is not in the Warrior's blood and no subject or creature is off limits if it's about Singapore. She will make her views known: clean, sharp and thrust right at the jugular - like the dagger by her side.

She makes no bones about her privileged life and will make compost of anyone or anything that incurs her displeasure, in other words, powerful people who abuse their power; wicked men and weak women; and evil politicians and pimps.

Born with Rajput blood from her landowner father and dragon blood from her Hokkien mother, her position on issues is hardly ambiguous. There is a sureness of opinion and only one right and good position - that of the Gentle Warrior SG.